Platinum Stain-Out

Platinum Stain-Out

Professional Water Based Humidity Stain Remover.
Polished and honed marble, granite and all natural stone surfaces.
Safety Note:
When using any type of solvent based product suitable ventilation should be provided during and after application .Use appropriate rubber gloves where necessary and do not smoke, eat or drink while using product. Keep product well closed and out of the reach from children.

  • For interior or exterior floor and fa├žade works.
  • Suitable for application on all polished, honed and textured surfaces for all natural stones.
  • Removal of yellowish and brown stains caused by humidity moisture dama-ge.
  • Professional use only. Approved factory trained

  • PLATINUM STAIN OUT Unique product specially developed using a range of organic water based oxygenated agents in liquid format for easy application. Product removes the most difficult yellowish and brown stains that appear due to humidity and moisture content in stone caused over a period of time. This is more commonly seen in white marbles as yellowish brown stains and in darker stones like granite as dark patches that cannot be removed with normal detergents or general stain removers.

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