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At Jamson Stone Corporation, we specialize in selecting, importing, and distributing natural and engineered stone. But you may be wondering – how exactly do we fit into the process of residential remodeling or building? (For commercial projects of any size, please contact our team for the most comprehensive assistance.





Designers, builders, kitchen & bath dealers, and contractors: you are always welcome, with or without your clients. Let us show you our newest arrivals and let you in on the latest trends, since this is our area of expertise. For small projects, we will help expedite the selection process and keep things moving forward.


For larger projects, you can count on our showroom staff to help keep projects organized from initial selections (once the plans are finished) to the final material selection. We get a kick out of doing what we do–just ask and you may be surprised to find that we have exactly what you need.

Top Quality Granite stone in Durban



We are here to help you. From our friendly customer service to our efficient distribution routes, our goal is always to support your sales. Let our staff take some of the burden off of you by helping your clients with their selections. Our showroom staff does their best to keep notes for later reference and to help ensure that everyone involved is working with the same information.


Anyone who has been in the stone industry for even a small amount of time knows that Jamson Stone Corporation is the proven expert on natural and engineered stone. Whether you have questions regarding applicability or design, we are here to provide answers. When it comes to stone, the multitude of available products and the contradictory information that permeates our industry can be pretty overwhelming.


At Jamson Stone Corporation, we strive to clarify misrepresentations and provide solutions based on both our years of experience and our knowledge of current trends. Wherever you are in the building process, please feel free to come in and view our offerings. We look forward to seeing you.

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