Royal Quartz

From the continuous crystal structure of Earth’s vast continental crust comes Quartz, one of the hardest minerals known to mankind.


Since ancient times it has been used to create masterpieces of jewellery and carving. Today, its superior aesthetics, versatility and unsurpassed strength, engineered by state-of –the- art Italian technology, create masterpieces of elegance, luxury and durability for your environment.


Royal Quartz products represent the pinnacle of this perfection. Comprising 93% natural quartz, together with high quality resins, adhesive and pigments, the materials are compressed and compacted under extreme vibration, vacuum and pressure to create impenetrable, non-porous, shock-resistant surfaces.


Available in a wide range of beautiful and versatile colours, Royal Quartz products bring an air of opulence and contemporary design to any room. They can be used for a variety of applications including floors, counter tops, wall cladding, furniture, bathroom vanities and splashbacks.

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